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Check out the NEW contemporaneous music sharing app that allows you to listen and share music with friends, family, and nearby listeners!

Connect to Friends or Connect Nearby

Share your favorite tracks in the moment with friends or become a DJ to broadcast music to nearby listeners. Experience music with others whether you are at the gym, in the car, or walking down the street.

Connect to Top Listened or Connect to Party

Experience the opportunity to become a "Top Followed" DJ, or discover new music played by Beatdrops™️ most listened to users. Coming soon to ".EDU" users is the "Connect to Party" feature where you can listen to the party before you arrive!

Share your favorite tracks

Say goodbye to sharing headphones! On Beatdrop™, users can broadcast songs through their Spotify™, Apple Music™, and Soundcloud™ (coming soon) accounts. This allows you access to share your favorite songs with others simultaneously! 

About Beatdrop™


Say Goodbye to Sharing Headphones!

Users can listen, share, and discover music through the first music social media application.


Gain a Following or Remain Anonymous

Music is all about the experience, and with Beatdrop™️ users can choose to set up a profile or remain as an anonymous DJ.


Create an Experience Through Music

Share your favorite tracks to generate a LIVE personalized playlist with friends, family, and other Beatdrop™️ users. 

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